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Best free andoid applications to send greetings ❤️


There are many several free andoid applications to send greetings Here we going to discuss on the topic Best free andoid applications to send greetings .


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Sending greetings to loved ones has never been simpler or more handy than it is in the modern digital world. Users can select from a range of options to send personalised and sincere greetings thanks to the abundance of free Android applications that are readily available. These applications provide a wealth of features, simple user interfaces, and easy social sharing options. This post will look at some of the top free Android apps that let users send heartfelt greetings to convey their wishes and feelings.

  1. App Name:

One of the top Android applications for sending greetings is “Greetify.” This user-friendly app allows users to create and customize greetings for various occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and more. With an extensive library of templates and designs, Greetify offers a diverse range of options to suit every individual’s preferences.

  1. Features:

Greetify boasts an array of impressive features that enhance the greeting-sending experience. Users can add personal photos, choose from a wide selection of fonts and colors, and include audio or video messages to make their greetings truly unique. The app also provides various filters and effects to enhance the visual appeal of the greetings.

  1. User Interface:

The user interface of Greetify is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. With a simple and clean layout, users can easily navigate through the app’s features and create customized greetings effortlessly. The app’s interface is optimized for different screen sizes, ensuring a seamless experience on various Android devices.

  1. Compatibility:

Greetify is compatible with a wide range of Android devices, including smartphones and tablets. The app is regularly updated to support the latest Android versions, ensuring compatibility for users across different devices and operating systems.

  1. Security:

When it comes to sending greetings, privacy and security are paramount. Greetify prioritizes user data protection and employs encryption protocols to safeguard personal information. Users can feel confident that their greetings and personal data remain secure while using the app.

  1. Customization:

One of the key advantages of Greetify is its extensive customization options. Users can personalize their greetings by adding text, stickers, and various design elements. The app allows users to let their creativity shine by offering a wide range of customization possibilities.

  1. Templates:

Greetify offers a vast collection of templates for different occasions and themes. Whether it’s a festive holiday greeting or a heartfelt message for a loved one, users can choose from an extensive library of pre-designed templates. These templates serve as a starting point for users to create their own unique greetings.

  1. Social Sharing:

Greetify makes it easy to share greetings with friends and family on social media platforms. The app integrates seamlessly with popular social networks, allowing users to share their creations with just a few taps. Users can spread joy and connect with their loved ones by sharing personalized greetings on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

  1. Additional Options:

In addition to the core features, Greetify offers additional options to enhance the greeting-sending experience. Users can schedule greetings to be sent at a specific date and time, ensuring they never miss an important occasion.

What’s the best free texting app for Android?

The best free texting apps for Android

  1. Google Voice.
  2. Text Free.
  3. TextMe Up.
  4. TextNow.
  5. TextPlus.
  6. Bonus: Pulse SMS

How do free texting apps work?

Free texting apps work the same manner as any other service to send messages. The other person receives the text that you sent. These services, however, operate independently of your phone and frequently have a data component. This implies that you can send texts from a website or mobile app, and they will still appear as ordinary SMS on the recipient’s phone.

All of these services come with some cost. Most free texting programmes employ one of two economic strategies. The first involves receiving a certain number of free texts each month, after which you must purchase further texts. The second allows users to read or watch advertisements in exchange for credits, and with those credits, you can send texts. These applications are still services, hence they need to make money.

1- Google Voice

Google Voice screenshot 2021

One of the best and most well-known free texting apps is Google Voice. You can use it to call landlines in the US or Canada for free as well as send free SMS messages. Outside of such places, coverage is, at best, sporadic. You do, however, receive a few extra benefits, such as a respectable Google Chrome extension for PC use, a cool app with Material Design, and some really lovely call-related voicemail settings. The SMS and MMS support is good, but it isn’t all that distinctive from what we’ve seen on this list. It’s a solid choice, and you should probably try it first. Please be aware that this app does require a Google account.

2- Text Free

One of the most widely used free texting apps for Android is Text Free. It also functions on iOS, which has a large user base. The app fulfils its promise. You register for an account, take possession of a phone number, and begin texting others. This one offers free calls as well. However, the number of free minutes per month is restricted to 60. If you need more minutes, you can watch video advertisements or buy more. Ad removal costs $2.99 per month or $4.99 per month if you also want to reserve your phone number as part of the subscription services. You can reserve yours for a monthly price because apparently the provider reclaims inactive numbers after a certain amount of time. In any event, the app is functional. The software offers compatibility for multiple languages.

3-TextMe Up

TextMe Up screenshot 2022
Not much distinguishes TextMe Up from Text Free. You receive a phone number from the app. You send and receive text messages. Although there are more adverts overall, there are less ads per page in the app. Really, it’s just a matter of taste. This one also supports credit-based phone calls. You do start out with a few. The prices for the subscriptions range from $4.99 for a week of full access (including free calls) to $7.99 for a full month of access. Both memberships exclude advertisements and come with free phone calls. Only free SMS to the United States and Canada are available on this app. It’s also kind of cool that the UI is Material Design.

4- TextNow

Another well-liked app for free calls and texts on mobile is TextNow. Of all the apps on the list, it features the most simplistic UI. During our testing, it made phone calls and sent SMS without any problems. It turns out that TextNow also functions in an MVNO-like capacity. Plans range from unlimited everything, including data, for $39.99 per month (for CDMA phones only), up to call and text plans for $9.99 per month (no WiFi necessary for this plan). A $2.99 monthly membership is now available to get rid of advertisements and get unlimited free WiFi calls and texts. This was a really great experience. Free texts, however, are only available in the United States and Canada.

5- Bonus: Pulse SMS and others

Pulse SMS screenshot 2022

Many users search for free texting apps so they may send and receive messages on tablets and other non-connected devices. There are many great choices for this, including Pulse SMS, Android Messages, AirDroid, Pushbullet, and others. Text messages are not provided for free by these apps. You can, however, utilise your current text plan on pretty much any other device you possess. Pulse SMS is a favourite of ours. It’s tidy and one of the few that has a one-time fee rather than a monthly fee.

08 best texting apps and SMS apps for Android

A photo of a text messaging app

One of the most common forms of communication worldwide is text messaging. It’s quick, simple to accomplish, and unlike phone calls, it doesn’t need you to stop what you’re doing. We acknowledge that many individuals still value the human connection provided by phone conversations, and we respect that. Let’s face it, the majority of individuals these days text. Let’s look at the top SMS and texting apps for Android. Many of these apps are still the finest even though they aren’t the newest because this market hasn’t altered all that much over the past year or two.

The best texting apps and SMS apps for Android:-

1- Chomp SMS

ChompSMS best sms apps for Android

Text messaging is one of the most popular ways to communicate on the planet. It’s quick and simple, and unlike phone calls, it doesn’t need you to stop what you’re doing. We recognise and respect that many people still prefer the human touch of talking on the phone. However, let’s face it: most people nowadays text. Let’s take a look at the finest Android texting and SMS apps. Because the market hasn’t altered all that much in the last year or two, many of these apps are still among the finest, even if they aren’t the most recent.

2- Facebook Messenger

Price: Free

Facebook Messenger screenshot 2023 1
We’ll be completely honest with you. Facebook Messenger is a mediocre software. It consumes a large amount of battery, storage, and RAM. It also has advertisements. However, it’s likely that you already have it on your smartphone. Facebook has a lot of users, and you’re probably still using it because you have loved ones who refuse to switch to something better. You might as well enable SMS support if you’re going to keep it around. You can thus kill two birds with one stone.

3- Google Messages

Price: Free

Messages by Google screenshot 2023
Google Messages (previously Android Messages) is Google’s free texting software. Android Messages keeps things simple in terms of features. There will be some light theming options, some organisation and backup capabilities, and a good search tool. Material Design and Material You are used entirely in the design. That is, it looks attractive and is simple to use.

4- Handcent Next SMS

Handcent screenshot 2022

Handcent and Chomp SMS were the first two excellent and widely used third-party texting apps for Android. Handcent, like Chomp SMS, is a robust messaging software with a plethora of functions. Themes, a privacy box to keep private conversations, SMS backup, eCards, emojis, and many more are among them. Handcent Anywhere, which allows you to type on your computer and tablet if desired, is one of the more intriguing capabilities. In terms of bugs, it’s had its ups and downs, but it’s usually very robust.

There is a membership option, however you only need it if you plan on backing up your texts using Handcent.

5- Link to Windows

Price: Free

Handcent and Chomp SMS were the first two excellent and widely used third-party texting apps for Android. Handcent, like Chomp SMS, is a robust messaging software with a plethora of functions. Themes, a privacy box to keep private conversations, SMS backup, eCards, emojis, and many more are among them. Handcent Anywhere, which allows you to type on your computer and tablet if desired, is one of the more intriguing capabilities. In terms of bugs, it’s had its ups and downs, but it’s usually very robust.

There is a membership option, however you only need it if you plan on backing up your texts using Handcent.

6-Pulse SMS

Price: Free / $99.99 / $1.99 per month / $19.99 per year

Pulse SMS screenshot 2022

Pulse SMS is one of the list’s most distinctive texting apps. For the most part, it works like any other SMS app. There is, however, a back end that allows you to text from your PC, tablet, and other devices. It also supports dual-sim devices, blacklisting phone numbers, message backup, and other features. This is how it works. The texting app component is absolutely free. Those who wish to text from PCs, tablets, and other devices can pay $0.99 per month or a one-time price of $10.99. It’s an excellent approach to hit two birds with one stone.


Price: Free / Optional in-app purchases

QKSMS screenshot 2019 Final
QKSMS is one of the easiest and greatest SMS programmes. It’s open-source, which is always a plus. Furthermore, the software includes a slew of functions. Some of these include privacy features like as a deny list, support for Android Wear, and even some useful accessibility features. The usage is as expected. It won’t blow your mind, but its simplicity is appreciated given how hefty other texting apps can become. It’s completely free and has no advertisements. There are some optional in-app purchases as well as donations.

8- Signal Private Messenger

Price: Free

Signal Private Messenger screenshot 2022 2

Signal Private Messenger is a messaging app in the same vein as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and others. The difference is that this one has end-to-end encryption and is popular among those who respect security. It also uses a phone number system, and if your contact doesn’t have the app, it sends a text message. We were impressed with how seamless that function is.

It’s easy to use, looks fantastic with Material Design, and is completely free with no in-app payments. It’s also open-source, allows for group conversations, and even make phone calls. It serves the same purpose as Facebook Messenger in that it provides data messaging as well as SMS capabilities in the same app.

[Can’t Miss] 4 Best Android Messages App in 2023

An Android messaging app can be more than just software at times. It may be something that allows you to communicate with a loved one thousands of kilometres away. And you might not have been able to afford this continuous communication if it hadn’t been for this Android messaging app.

Humans have an insatiable desire for communication. As a result, there was always a huge demand for Android messaging apps. And software companies profited by introducing new products and claiming to be the greatest SMS app for Android. But how do you see through all of the marketing nonsense? The following list may be of assistance.

Part 1. Importance of Android Messages App

When you use the default Android SMS software, such as the Samsung messaging app, you will be charged at your network provider’s rate. If you want to record full talks, this can get expensive. As a result, users are forced to rely on Wi-Fi or internet-based Android messaging apps.

In addition to allowing you to exchange free texts, the messaging apps for Android also give an intelligent interface via which you can carry out your discussions. Your talks will become more involved and interesting as a result.

These apps can do more than just send text messages. Group calls, video calls, and meetings are also possible. They are also useful for sharing files and images. As a result, these instruments are employed both personally and professionally.

Part 2. 4 Best Android Messages App

WhatsApp, Messenger, Snapchat, Telegram, AirDroid, and other popular Android messaging apps are listed here. You may have used some or all of them already. However, the following discussion will teach you a lot about their features.

1. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is most likely the first Android texting software that most users have used. WhatsApp’s large user base is one of its most impressive features. As a result, if you allow WhatsApp to access your contacts, you will discover that practically all of your connections are on the platform.

Aside from that, getting started with WhatsApp is quite simple. Furthermore, it is free of charge. WhatsApp, like most other Android messaging apps, allows you to do more than just send texts. You can, for example, send papers, images, and videos.

2. Messenger

Messenger’s initial prominence was largely due to Facebook. The majority of people began using this app in order to communicate with their Facebook pals. In comparison to Messenger, Facebook’s old messaging system suddenly appears to be extremely rudimentary.

Messenger, on the other hand, quickly became a popular programme due to its appeal. Many people nowadays do not check their Facebook wall but are always active on Messenger.


messenger pc

3. Telegram

If firms like Facebook scare you because of their data harvesting practises, Telegram is the app for you. Revenue generating, according to the platform’s developers, will never be a goal of Telegram. As a result, they have no desire to sell data.

Millions of users have chosen Telegram as a means of communication. So, when you’re on Telegram, you can create a lot of new pals. Furthermore, many users believe that it is the fastest SMS messenger on Android.

4. Skype

Any list of the best SMS apps for Android would be incomplete without Skype. This Android texting software has been available for almost two decades. As a result, it has become one of the most convenient tools for exchanging texts and data and speaking in real time for generations of internet users.

Skype has accumulated a truly international community throughout the course of its decades-long existence. As a result, freelancers and remote workers use Skype for professional communications and meetings.


7 Dependable Text-Messaging Apps for International Travel in 2021



Cellphones are an essential part of most people’s life and, in some circumstances, a seemingly permanent extension of their hands both at home and abroad. Cellphones function as a camera, a GPS, a search engine, and, of course, a means of communication with friends and family.

Connecting with loved ones when travelling abroad was traditionally a difficult and expensive endeavour. In some circumstances, it still is – several major service providers charge as much as $10 per day for foreign internet and texting, or as much as $50-70 per month with additional expenses.

Facebook Messenger

Though not as popular on a global scale, Facebook Messenger is an excellent alternative to WhatsApp for many US travellers. Because Facebook Messenger became the sole option to access messages from a mobile for most people, chances are your friends and family already have it. Because the contacts are all based on your Facebook friends — and now, Instagram followers — it’s much easier to find the vast majority of individuals you know through the app.


KakaoTalk, which was launched in 2010, is the most popular text-messaging app in South Korea; in fact, data from multiple Korean government organisations in 2018 estimated that KaokaoTalk accounted for 99.2% of the country’s message app usage. KaokaoTalk has close to 52 million active users per month on a global scale as of June 2020 and is available in 15 different languages.

It’s simple to see why: Kakao allows you to share films and photographs, create group texts, and send SMS messages for free to anyone in the world who also has the app. Once downloaded, the app will synchronise with your phone’s existing contacts in order to locate other app users. If you need to contact someone but don’t have their phone number.


Line was first introduced in Japan and quickly gained popularity on a global scale, particularly in Asia. Line, which is available on Apple, Android, and Windows smartphones, enables users to exchange free text messages as well as make international voice and video conversations. Like KakaoTalk, the person you’re chatting must also be a Line user, though there is an option that allows you to communicate someone without installing the programme.


Signal, known for its enhanced privacy and communication encryption standards, is now gaining popularity as an international text-messaging software. Signal, which has comparable capabilities to WhatsApp, allows travellers to send text and voice messages, conduct group chats, and make video calls. Signal, like most texting platforms, provides entertaining GIFs and stickers to let users express themselves more creatively.

Signal is a free service run by a non-profit organisation. It is compatible with Apple and Android smartphones. It also has a Mac desktop version.


Viber, which is popular in Asian and Middle Eastern nations, is another wonderful alternative for folks who want to text and talk for free. Viber, unlike other apps, does not require you to register an account. Instead, it uses your phone number to identify you and will instantly recognise Viber users in your contacts list. Viber now has a Communities function, which allows users to connect with one another based on shared interests.

It is compatible with both iPhone and Android users and can make calls and send messages to both.


WeChat, China’s most popular messaging app, has more than 1.1 billion accounts, according to the most recent reported total. WeChat is more of a Web browser than a chat app in that it connects users to 10 million other applications that provide services such as taxi booking and financial management. These third-party “apps” look like websites and provide direct payment and customer service on their own. WeChat is a one-app-fits-all software that offers a free chat platform.


WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging programmes in the world, and it is supported by the majority of mobile operating systems, including iPhone, Android, and Windows. WhatsApp has stopped collecting subscription fees for chatting other WhatsApp users since 2016, cementing its status as one of the greatest international communication apps.

WhatsApp also supports group messaging, video calls, audio calling, and voice messaging.

Texting App Builder

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  • Choose a user-friendly layout to improve the user experience.
  • Include features that will catch the user’s attention.
  • Create a texting app without knowing how to code.
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  • Use your own texting app to effectively engage with customers.


Sending greetings via Android apps is an easy and cost-effective way to convey your feelings and commemorate significant occasions. With so many alternatives, you may personalise your greetings and discover the right message for any occasion. Whether you prefer a simple user interface, creative designs, social sharing options, or personalised customization, the top Android apps discussed in this article have you covered. Explore these apps, let your imagination run wild, and make every welcome a special experience.






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