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Best GPS Tracking Apps For Android❤️

In today’s fast-paced world, GPS tracking apps have become a necessary tool. These apps provide a wide range of features that go beyond simple location tracking Thanks to technological advancements. The features of GPS tracking apps are absolutely amazing, ranging from real-time navigation to geofencing and position history. These applications offer a variety of capabilities to meet your unique needs, whether you’re a worried parent, a business owner, or a someone trying to improve your own safety.

Best Android GPS Tracking Apps 2023

Children frequently lie to or withhold information from their parents, especially when it comes to their whereabouts. You should be concerned for your children’s safety as parents. Yet you can’t stop your kids from leaving the house, and you can’t constantly be right there with them. The GPS tracker app will therefore be a useful remedy for this issue🛑.

1. FamiSafe GPS Tracker App

A child monitoring and safe track app, FamiSafe. Using FamiSafe, you can monitor both the GPS location of your children and their past locations when they didn’t call.


  • With the FamiSafe GPS tracker🕹 software, you can view past location information and track location in real time.
  • Create geofenced areas and receive alerts when your child enters them.
  • On their iOS and Android smartphone, monitor app usage and phone activities.
  • Ban harmful applications and websites, such as those that promote gambling or pornography.
  • Detection of explicit content on the primary social networking app

2. GPS Phone Tracker

The finest Android tracking🕹 app for finding someone’s position is GPS Phone Tracker. One of the most dependable and user-friendly GPS trackers for Android. You only need to install this app on your phone and the phones of your children, and you’ll always be able to see where they are in real time.


  • Obtain your kids’ GPS locations🕹 quickly.
  • Also, you can configure alerts for when your children arrive somewhere.
  • Make use of this Android phone tracker 🕹app to locate your missing handset.

3. Family Locator – GPS locator

Family Locator is a sophisticated GPS Tracker🕹 tool that allows you to keep tabs on your children’s whereabouts and ensure their safety. The most trustworthy Android GPS tracker app allows parents to set alerts for when their kids arrive in specific areas, like school or home. Also, you can monitor every member of your family from a single account.


  • technology advancements for precise tracking.
  • Get notifications when your children arrive at a specific location and follow their real-time GPS location.
  • Excellent customer support for resolving issues.
  • More than one person can be tracked.

4. My Family GPS Tracker

You can track your loved ones with the My Family GPS tracker🕹, a flexible GPS tracker for Android. It is a safe, dependable, and simple-to-use GPS tracker that will enable you to protect your kids. You may also speak with your loved ones and children because it has an integrated chat feature.


  • Your children’s current location is visible to you.
  • There is a Child Mode that prevents your youngster from disabling location services.
  • It also features a premium mode that allows you to see and hear your child’s surroundings.
  • Follow the target’s past whereabouts.

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5. Find My Kids – GPS Tracker

With the help of the thorough Android monitoring app Locate My Kids, you can keep a close check on where your children are at all times. When you are tracking lost or wandering children, its GPS tracking capabilities really shine through.


  • Get notifications automatically when your child arrives at a specific area.
  • Both trustworthy and simple to use.
  • Check the battery🔋 life of the child’s device as well.
  • No registration is necessary.

6. ESET Parental Control

With the help of the sophisticated child tracking program ESET Parental Control, you can keep tabs on your children’s whereabouts in real time. Together with tracking their other mobile activities, such as calls, SMS, browser history, and much more, you can also examine their location history. It is a complete parental management app, not simply a tracker for Android phones📱.


  • Get thorough location histories.
  • You can follow your children’s GPS location in real time.
  • Monitor your children’s app and Web history usage as well.

7. Family Locator & Safety

It is one of the most flexible GPS trackers🕹 for Android that not only lets you know where your children are in real time, but also makes sure they are always safe. Your children can push the panic button on it to let you know if they are in a precarious situation.


  • With real-time location tracking, you can always know where your children are.
  • enables notifications when your children leave or enter a location.
  • With the Panic button, children may easily communicate their location.
  • It doesn’t use a lot of battery.


What is a GPS tracking app for Android?

A GPS tracking app for Android is a piece of software that makes use of GPS technology to track and keep track of a device’s whereabouts in real time.

How do GPS tracking apps work?

These applications operate by accessing the Android device’s GPS receiver and gathering location information.

Are GPS tracking apps legal?

Depending on the country and the reason for the tracking, GPS tracking applications may or may not be legal. In most cases, tracking your own device or the device of a person who has granted you permission is legal.

Can GPS tracking apps be used for parental control?

Absolutely, a lot of GPS tracking applications have parental control options. These apps allow parents to watch the whereabouts of their kids and set up geofences or warnings for particular locations.

Do GPS tracking apps drain the battery of an Android device quickly?

The majority of contemporary programs are made to reduce battery drain, yet some GPS tracking apps may use more battery power than others. Continuous GPS tracking, however, may still have some effect on battery life.

Can GPS tracking apps track a lost or stolen Android device?

It could be possible to trace the location of the device if the GPS tracking app was placed on it before it was lost or stolen and it is still online. It’s crucial to remember that the effectiveness of monitoring depends on a number of variables, including the capabilities of the app and the user’s behavior.

Are GPS tracking apps accurate?

The device’s GPS receiver, the app’s quality, and the surrounding surroundings all affect how accurate GPS tracking apps are. In most cases, GPS technology can pinpoint a location with a few meters of accuracy.

Can GPS tracking apps track the location of a device in real-time?

Indeed, the majority of GPS tracking apps can give you real-time location updates so you can follow the device’s progress as it moves.

Addition Faqs

Can GPS tracking apps monitor other activities on an Android device?

Further monitoring tools like call and message monitoring, web browsing history, and app usage monitoring may be available with some GPS tracking apps. However, some functionalities differ among programs, and some could need further permissions.

Are GPS tracking apps compatible with all Android devices?

The majority of GPS tracking apps are made to function on a variety of Android smartphones. To make sure your device complies with the criteria, check the app’s compatibility requirements.

Can GPS tracking apps work offline?

Certain GPS tracking apps may offer some offline functionality by storing location data locally and uploading it later when an internet connection is available, whereas GPS tracking apps generally rely on an internet connection to communicate position data.

How secure is the data collected by GPS tracking apps?

The privacy policies, data encryption, and security measures put in place by the app’s developers all play a role in how securely GPS tracking apps handle the data they collect. Reviewing the privacy policies of app developers before selecting any is advised.

Can GPS tracking apps be disabled or tampered with?

The owner of the smartphone can often stop or uninstall . However, some applications could include extra security measures to guard against unwanted removal or modification.

Are GPS tracking apps subscription-based or free?

Both free and paid applications are available. Some applications charge for premium services or memberships in addition to providing free basic tracking functionality.


Android apps are becoming more and more popular for a variety of uses, including controlling parental controls, finding lost or stolen devices, and assuring the safety of loved ones. Real-time location updates are provided by these apps using technology, and they also give extra features like geofencing and activity tracking. Think about things like accuracy, battery life, compatibility, and the security of the data acquired when selecting a program. To make an informed choice, it’s a good idea to evaluate the app’s features, user reviews, and privacy policies.

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