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Best Hill Station In Gujarat Must Be Visit

Hill Station Gujarat : Gujaratis like to go to other states for traveling. Especially Himachal, Mussoorie, Leh prefer to go to Ladakh to enjoy hill station tour. But Gujarat also has a treasure of Alagrand hill stations. If we talk about a hill station in it, even the hills of Kulumnali will pale in front of it.

Hill Station Gujarat
Valsadnu Wilson Hills Many people do not know the specialty of these hills. This is the only hill station in Gujarat, from where the view of the sea can also be seen. Once you come to this hill, you won’t want to go anywhere else. Wilson Hills is a famous hill station in Gujarat, but not much explored. Even in the monsoons, its beauty blooms in full bloom. Wilson Hills is located in Dharampur, Valsad. Wilson Hills is a hill station surrounded by forests. It is located near Payangbari Wildlife Sanctuary. It is the only such hill station in Gujarat, where one can also see the sea.


called Mini Saputara. Hill Station Dharmpur Gujarat″

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Sightseeing from the hill station

This hill station feels very calm and cool during summer days. The winding roads here are the most popular. which is spiral in shape. The hills covered with greenery, the stunning scenery covered with cloud cover, the springs dripping from every hill in the monsoons and the pleasant atmosphere and mist all around will win your heart. This hill station is a little smaller compared to Saputara hill station. But it is called Mini Saputara. Hill Station Dharmpur Gujarat


Sightseeing from the hill station
Among the special attractions around Wilson Hill Station are Ozone Gorge, Sunrise-Sunset Point, Sangemarmar Chattari, Dharampur City, Wilson Hills Museum, Shankar Waterfall, etc. Apart from this, about 10 km from Dharampur city, there are Bilpudi twin springs, which are also known as Mavli Mata springs. Water falls from a height of 20 feet from this spring. Hill Station Dharmpur Gujarat 

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