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Drone Didi Scheme 2024: see complete information

Information About Dron Didi Scheme

A new scheme was started by the Government of India for the purpose of providing employment to the women of self-help groups and to empower the women. However, the Government of India is running various types of schemes for the women and poor and deprived people of the country. Through this, the Government of India is directly benefiting the citizens of the country, but special attention is paid to the schemes started by the Central Government for the women of the country. Recently, the Government of India started the Drone Didi Scheme. The objective of the scheme is to provide training in flying drones to the women working in self-help groups so that women can master a new job and can achieve success in this too. What is the Drone Didi scheme launched by the government? And how can women avail the benefits of this scheme? Will tell you further.

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Drone Didi Scheme for women of self-help groups was started by the Prime Minister of the country Narendra Modi. This scheme was launched on 28 November 2023. Under this scheme, the Government of India will provide drones to about 15,000 women of self-help groups of the country, along with this, the government will also give training to women to fly drones. To increase their income, women can rent these drones to the farmers of their area. Farmers can spray pesticides and fertilizers in their fields with the help of this stone. This scheme has been started by the Central Government and the aim of the Central Government is to include about 15,000 women of the country in the Drone Didi scheme by training them in flying drones in the next 4 years. The Central Government has made a provision of Rs 1261 crore for this scheme in Budget 2024. Through this scheme, women of the country can get additional income of about Rs 1 lakh.

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₹ 8 lakh assistance will be provided under Drone Didi Scheme

Women of self-help groups will not have to bear the burden of the cost of drones to buy drones under the scheme launched by the Central Government for women of self-help groups. Under this scheme, the Government of India will provide subsidy of up to 80% to women for purchasing loans, that is, approximately ₹ 800000 will be provided by the government to women for purchasing drones. The remaining 2% loan will be arranged by the government in the form of loan to women through banks. The government will charge 3% interest on this loan, which will be guaranteed by the Government of India and women will get the drone at 80% subsidy.

Women will get a salary of ₹ 15000

Under the Drone Didi Scheme, along with providing drones to women to operate them, a salary of ₹ 15000 will also be provided. The Central Government will form clusters and provide training to women in flying drones in every village for 15 days. During this training, the government will also provide salary to the women in which women will get ₹ 15000 as salary. Under this training, women will be provided five-day drone pilot training and 10-day training related to pesticides and nutrients in the agricultural sector.

Application process for the scheme

Women from self-help groups across the country will be identified by the Government of India for the Drone Didi Scheme. The application forms of these women will be submitted by the government, but at present this scheme has not been announced. The Government of India has made an official website to submit the application form. As soon as the online application for the government scheme will be started, you will be provided information through our article.

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