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Earthquake Alert System: Your mobile phone will alert you before the earthquake, see how this system will do it here

Earthquake Alert System: Your mobile phone will alert you before the earthquake, see how this system will do it here

Earthquake Alert System | Earthquake Warning System | Frequently, events occur on our planet that bring about change. These changes are usually the result of uncontrollable events in nature. Regrettably, these natural events often result in significant destruction, requiring a long period of time for rehabilitation. Property is also adversely affected due to suffering. As a result, individuals are actively trying to prevent such calamities by taking advantage of sophisticated technological advancements.

Google plans to develop an innovative mechanism that simulates a real earthquake warning system. This groundbreaking solution will harness the power of mobile phones to notify individuals of impending earthquakes in advance. Now, let us study the intricate workings of this revolutionary system.

Earthquake Alert System

Google is making rapid progress in developing its Earthquake Alert System. Close collaboration with National Disaster Management Authority and National Seismology Center demonstrates the company’s commitment to ensure accuracy and reliability. Notably, this advanced technology will soon be seamlessly integrated into your mobile device, delivering valuable updates directly from the earthquake warning system.

Google recently announced the imminent release of an earthquake warning system designed for Android users. At the same time, the necessary groundwork for this endeavor has already begun.

India has numerous states located in earthquake-prone regions, and the dense population further magnifies the potential for significant property damage in the event of a powerful earthquake. Understanding the implications, Indian Android phone users will greatly benefit from Google’s Earthquake Alert System, as it provides invaluable assistance in mitigating destruction and protecting their belongings.

When will this feature start?
In the near future, Android device users will have access to a brand new system designed by Google. To make this possible, Google is seeking advice from both the National Disaster Management Authority and the National Seismology Centre. As stated in a blog post by Google, this advanced technology aims to provide early warning of earthquakes. The company plans to roll out this system in the coming weeks, specifically targeting Android 5 and future versions.

How will direct.
Google has unveiled a transformative feature that harnesses the potential of your smartphone to assume the role of a personal earthquake conductor. Using the device’s inbuilt accelerometer as a modern-day seismograph, the revolutionary earthquake warning system can detect and immediately communicate early signs of seismic activity. While the phone is not charging and being alert during moments of no movement, it correctly identifies and signals the early stages of an earthquake. This progressive mechanism further enables detection across multiple phones simultaneously, ensures prompt notification and enables Google servers to gain awareness of such shakes.

How to turn on Earthquake Alert System?
To initialize the system on your phone, follow the next instructions.

Go to phone settings.
After this tap on Safety and Emergency.
Now tap on earthquake alert.
If you see the Safety and Emergency option on your phone, tap on Location and go to Advanced and Earthquake
Tap on Warning Alerts.
Then enable this option.

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