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Free Dish Tv Yojana


Free Dish Tv Yojana: Free Dish Tv Yojana, now the central government will also provide free dish TV, know complete information

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Free Dish Tv Yojana


Free Dish TV Scheme: The Central Government has launched the Free Dish TV initiative with the objective of providing entertainment and informational services to the underprivileged persons. This program ensures that every resident of the nation can access news and entertainment without any charge. The government will facilitate the installation of free Dish TV in all states, giving citizens an opportunity to avail it without subscribing or paying for it.




The main objective of this initiative is twofold: not only to provide entertainment, but also to raise awareness among individuals. Additionally, this initiative is alternatively known as the BIND scheme. Through this piece, we will examine the process of applying for a cost-free Dish TV package and accessing its various entertainment functionalities.




Free Dish Tv Yojana
Plan Name Free Dish TV Plan
Citizens of the beneficiary country
The objective is to provide free entertainment
Dish TV features installation in 800,000 homes
Budget ₹2,539 crore
Free Dish TV Plan 2023
The Free Dish TV scheme was approved during a cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The government aims to implement this initiative by 2026, which includes setting up state-of-the-art broadcasting studios to facilitate transmission of Dish TV services at zero cost.

The government has set aside a budget of ₹2,539 crore for a comprehensive scheme that seeks to provide free satellite television services to 800,000 households. The ambitious plan also includes provision of these services in remote border areas and tribal areas, including those affected by the Naxalite insurgency.



Focusing on enhancing Doordarshan and radio services, the initiative seeks to provide free accessibility to over 80% of the population, empowering them to freely enjoy channels of their choice without any charges.

Purpose of Free Dish TV Plan | Purpose of Free Dish Tv Yojana
The primary goal of the free DTH initiative focuses on distributing free set-top boxes to economically disadvantaged individuals across the country. By doing so, it ensures access to DTH services in remote and border regions, thereby ensuring availability of up-to-date information for all.

The government aims to provide free satellite TV service to 800,000 households. Additionally, the plan seeks to expand the geographical reach of AIR FM’s transmitters from 59% to 66% and increase its population coverage from 68% to 80%. Thanks to this initiative, individuals will be given unrestricted access to a wide range of channels including Doordarshan broadcasts along with various educational, informative and entertaining programming options.



Benefits and Features of PM Free Dish Tv Yojana
To provide educational and informational benefits to the people of India.
Families across the country will receive a complimentary packaging container for ease of setup.
The program provides free installation of Dish TV to a total of 800,000 households.
Enjoy the channels of your choice without the need for expensive subscriptions.
Enhancing Doordarshan’s television programs for better viewership.
Establishing free food distribution centers in remote, border, indigenous and rebel regions.
The development and proliferation of direct-to-home (DTH) services is increasing significantly.
More than 80% of the population can now enjoy a wide range of radio programs and access a wide range of DD channels.

State-of-the-art broadcasting technology is used through state-of-the-art infrastructure to ensure high-quality high-definition transmission.
Expand AIR FM’s broadcast range to cover a larger area both in terms of geography and population.
The Free Dish TV scheme supervised by the central government is scheduled to be operational till 2026.
Recreational facilities are provided to the destitute and underprivileged.
Eligibility for Free Dish TV Plan | Eligibility
Residence of India is mandatory for the applicant.
Everyone living within the borders of a nation has the right to engage and actively participate in it.
Registration in Free Dish TV plan is absolutely free, no payment is required.
The availability of this scheme will extend till the year 2026.

Free Dish TV Yojana Required Documents | Required Documents
Aadhaar card/Aadhaar card
Address proof/Address proof
PAN Card/PAN Card
Voter Identity Card
Passport size photograph/Passport size photograph
Mobile Number/Mobile Number
Ration card/Ration card
How to Apply for Free Dish TV Plan Online? | How to Apply

Step 1. Follow these steps to avail free Dish TV plan.

Step 2. Explore the designated online platform for Free Dish TV Plan by accessing its official website.

Step 3. To access the Free Dish TV app, simply navigate to the homepage and select the corresponding option.

Step 4. Complete the application by providing necessary details like your full name, residential address, village name, district details, taluk information, mobile phone number and any additional mandatory data.

Step 5. To finalize the application process, make sure to click on the button labeled Submit Now.


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