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Gas Acidity Remedy: Stomach heat is the root of many diseases, get rid of gas acidity with this home remedy

Gas Acidity Remedies:

Nowadays everyone is facing a common disease. Gas and acidity Due to people’s lifestyle and habit of eating too much outside, common diseases like stomach upset, gas, acidity are more common. Thus, a disease like gas acidity is considered normal but due to it many other diseases arise. In today’s article we will get information on how to get rid of gas acidity with home remedies.

Gas acidity treatment

In common problems like gas acidity we usually do home remedies. But many times such treatments are not effective. Too much allopathic medicines can also prove harmful. Then we will get information about some remedies that will give you great relief from gas acidity.

We must have heard from our elders that keeping the stomach cool will maintain good health. Abdominal heat can indicate more than 100 diseases. Stomach heat occurs when our digestive system is working more than it needs and due to this excess heat is generated and then the stomach heat rises. Our diet requires our digestion to work harder. We consume junk foods, fast foods in our food which take more time to digest. And digestion suffers.

Gas Acidity Remedies

We will discuss some home remedies to get relief from gas acidity.
To get relief from gas acidity, first of all, the consumption of spicy food should be reduced.

Cumin helps digestion of food and gets rid of gas.

Coriander has a cooling effect and improves digestion. And gas acidity is relieved.

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Fennel soothes stomach heat and improves digestion.

Gas acidity is relieved by making tea of ​​coriander, cumin, fennel, mint and misory.

So, by making honey powder and drinking it, there is relief in acidity.
Acidity is relieved by drinking neem bark powder or soaking neem bark in its water.

Drinking Triphala Churna with milk provides relief in acidity.

Drinking nutmeg and ginger powder relieves acidity.

Chewing cloves relieves acidity.

Jaggery, banana, almond and lemon