General Knowledge For Competitive Exam Preparations : List Of All Country's Capitals, Currency And Language ❤ Join Our Whatsapp Group

General Knowledge For Competitive Exam Preparations : List Of all country’s Capitals, Currency and Language ❤


According to me, exams for competitive jobs frequently have questions regarding nations, their capital cities, money💵, and languages. You may have an advantage in your preparations if you have a firm understanding of this knowledge. This article✍️ includes a comprehensive list of every nation in the globe, complete with information on each one’s capital city, official language, and currency💵. This thorough resource will give you insightful information regardless of whether you are getting ready for an entrance exam, the civil services examination, or are just broadening your general knowledge. Let’s discover the various nations that make up our world!

How many countries and their currencies?


Globe’s Countries and Currencies💵: There are more than 200 nations in the globe, and each one has its own currency. The dollar, euro, pound, rial, dinar, and yen are among the most widely use currencies💵 in the world.

A currency💵 exchange must be completed while traveling from one country to another in order to conduct business there.


The term “legal tender” refers to money💵 that has been issued by the government. The currency’s value fluctuates daily and does not remain steady. In several nations, one currency💵 has a varied value.


How many countries use Indian currency?

Below is a list of all countries, along with their respective capitals, currencies, and languages spoken.

General Knowledge For Competitive Exam Preparations : List Of all country’s Capitals, Currency and Language  : Watching This Video 


  • Capital: Kabul
  • Currency: Afghan afghani
  • Language: Pashto, Dari


  • Capital: Tirana
  • Currency: Albanian lek
  • Language: Albanian


  • Capital: Algiers
  • Currency: Algerian dinar
  • Language: Arabic


  • Capital: Andorra la Vella
  • Currency: Euro
  • Language: Catalan


  • Capital: Luanda
  • Currency: Angolan kwanza
  • Language: Portuguese

Antigua and Barbuda

  • Capital: St. John’s
  • Currency: East Caribbean dollar
  • Language: English


  • Capital: Buenos Aires
  • Currency: Argentine peso
  • Language: Spanish


  • Capital: Yerevan
  • Currency: Armenian dram
  • Language: Armenian


  • Capital: Canberra
  • Currency: Australian dollar
  • Language: English


  • Capital: Vienna
  • Currency: Euro
  • Language: German

This is just a small sample of the extensive list we have compiled for you. For the complete list of countries, capitals, currencies, and languages, please visit Wikipedia.


What is the capital of Afghanistan?

Kabul serves as Afghanistan’s capital.

What is the currency of Argentina?

The Argentine peso is use as money in Argentina.

Which language is spoken in Australia?

In Australia, English is the predominant language use.

What is the capital of Brazil?

Brazil’s capital city is Brasilia.

How many countries in the world with name and capital and currency?

The earth is home to 195 nations. Each nation has a capital city and a specific currency.

Why is it called currency?

Where did the term “currency” come from?A currency is derive from the Latin word “currere,” which meaning “to run” or “to flow.”The Latin word “monere,” which means “to warn,” is where the word “money” originates.

Who gave name to Indian currency?

The Sanskrit term rupyakam, which means a silver coin, is where the word ‘rupee’ originates. It is derive from the rupiya, which Sher Shah Suri minted between 1540 and 1545.

Which language is spoken in the United Kingdom?

English is the major language use in the United Kingdom.

How many countries have no capital?

The only nation without a capital is Nauru. The only nation in the world without a designated capital is Nauru. It was formerly known as Pleasant Island, and it ranks third in terms of both area and population among all nations.

Are there 199 countries?

Today, there are 195 nations in the world. This number includes the Holy See and the State of Palestine, two non-member observer nations, together with the 193 United Nations member states.

Which language is spoken in China?

Mandarin Chinese is China’s official language.

What is this symbol ₹ called?

India’s official currency is the rupee (INR). The Indian rupee, whose sign is, has INR as its International Organization for Standardization (ISO) currency code.

How many religions are in Africa?

The three major religions that make up the triple religious heritage of the African continent are Islam, Christianity, and African traditional religion. This heritage has a long history and effect, despite being more strongly demonstrate today.

Which language is spoken in Mexico?

Spanish is use as official language of Mexico.


For competitive exam preparation, broadening your general knowledge by learning about nations, capital cities, money💵, and languages is crucial. The list presented in this article✍️ provides a window into the multicultural society we live in. Keep in mind to delve deeper and broaden your knowledge of each nation’s fascinating geography, history, and culture. You’ll not only ace your competitive exams if you do this, but you’ll also get a deeper understanding of our global community.

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