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Gift Birthday wishes from Bollywood actors and actresses. ❤


Happy Birthday Wishes for everyone you love!  Gift


1. Best birthday gift for friends


2. Best birthday wishes for best friend

3. Best birthday wishes for brother


4/ Best birthday wishes for sister

5. Best birthday wishes for husband


Imagine how great it would be to get a birthday wishes video from bollywood actors like Ranveer Singh, Kareena Kapoor, Tiger Shroff, Jacqueline Fernandez, Ananya Panday & Janhvi Kapoor!

TrueFan video message is definitely one of the best online customised gifts in India. Recorded by Bollywood actors, these video messages are personalised according to the request sent by a user. 

TrueFan gives you the most amazing chance to win a personalized Video Message from your favourite Bollywood actress or actor. 

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A birthday wishes video message is apt for anyone looking for a new and unique way of gifting. For any Bollywood movie fan, a happy birthday video message from their favourite Bollywood actor or Bollywood actress would be a dream come true. A birthday wishes video is an approximate 30-second long video personalized for a fan.

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Stop looking for the best birthday wish ideas! TrueFan with bollywood stars provide a different and a new birthday gifting idea. Now make birthday wishes extra special with bollywood celebrity video messages. India is moving towards celebrity birthday gifts, don’t be left behind!

કેક પર ફોટો અને નામ વાળી ઈમેજ અહીંથી બનાવો

How to win and gift a Video Message from Bollywood actors and actresses?

અહી થી ડાઉનલોડ કરો વિડિયો મેસેન્જર એપ

 Download the TrueFan App

 1. Play a Bollywood Movie Quiz

2.  Win a Video Message

3. Gift a friend

4. Best gift for boyfriend

5. Best gift for girlfriend

6. Best gift for mothers

7. Best gift for fathers

8. Best gift for brothers

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9. Best gift for sisters

10. Get your Video Message delivered super-fast!

Get a birthday wish or surprise your family with a really special gift from the stunning bollywood actress Kareena Kapoor and Ananya Panday. You can win a Video Message from the incredible bollywood actresses Janhvi Kapoor & Jacqueline Fernandez. Want motivational tips from bollywood hunks Ranveer Singh or Tiger Shroff? India’s hottest Bollywood stars are on the TrueFan App waiting for you!

Now express your feelings with the perfect gift – Video Messages recorded by bollywood stars!

Chocolates are temporary but a TrueFan Video Message from a bollywood Superstar is permanent memory!

 The best gift idea for 2022 is definitely TrueFan Video Message. 

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Gift the coolest surprise ever with video messages personally recorded by bollywood actors.

Gifting Occasions and Reasons:

Birthday gift

A birthday wishes video from one of the top Bollywood actors or Bollywood actresses will be incredible to receive for anyone you love as a gift.

It could be birthday wishes for sister, birthday wishes for brother, birthday wishes for best friend, birthday wishes for husband, birthday wishes for daughter.

Birthday wishes video from top Hindi movie celebrities can also be gifted to the following people in your life:

1. Gifts for mother

2. Gifts for father

3. Gifts for boss

4.Gifts for men

5. Gifts for boyfriend

6. Gifts for husband

7. Gifts for girlfriend

8. Gifts for wife

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9. Gifts for women

10. Gifts for mother

11.Birthday gifts for boyfriend

12. Birthday gifts for men

13. Birthday gifts for mother

14. Birthday gifts for father

15. Birthday gifts for girlfriend

16. Birthday gifts for best friend

17. Best surprise birthday wish

18. birthday gift for wife

19. birthday gifts for sister

20 . mom birthday gifts

21. birthday wish for friend

22. birthday wishes for sister

23. birthday wishes for best friend

24. happy birthday wishes for friend

25. best birthday wishes

26. happy birthday wishes for sister

27. Birthday wishes for husband

28. Birthday wishes for daughter

29. birthday wishes for son

30. happy birthday wishes for brother

31. birthday wishes for wife

32. birthday wishes for bestie

33. happy birthday video

No more gifting cakes, flowers, gift cards because Video Message is the new and best gifting option in India.

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