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How to save WhatsApp Status images and videos in Android phone?

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Those days of keeping love quotes as “whatsapp status” were get with status video update. The WhatsApp Status secured with end-to-end encryption which means the sender and receiver can see the information and your selected contacts can see that status.

“How to save WhatsApp Status” images and videos in Android phone?

It lets users share photos, videos, and GIFs which disappear automatically after 24 hours. “WhatsApp Status” updates are perishable by nature. Hence, WhatsApp does not offer an official way to save these shares. Users take a screenshot to save the image statuses, But its take a time and also difficult to done.

How to save WhatsApp Status

Follow Steps to for “How to Save WhatsApp Status” Photos & Videos Without Screenshot:

[1] First of all, you will go to file manager app in your smartphone/ Android phone. We used the different named ‘File Manager (File transfer)’ as it was already on our smartphone/ Android phone.

[Note: You will need a File Manager app to perform this settings, Most phones (like from Lenovo, Samsung, LG, Sony, Xiaomi, and OnePlus phone) have it installed by default already. You can find it by looking for an app named “Files” or “File Manager”. If there is none (like on Nokia Android phones, iphones etc.), you can download and use Solid Explorer or CM File Explorer]

[2] Now open the File Manager app and tap on More Options icon (three horizontal lines) located at the top-left corner OR any where on phone screen and then tap on ‘Settings‘.


How to save WhatsApp Status

[3] Under the Settings menu, you will find an option “Show Hidden Files”.  tap on the check box right next to it and you will see a blue-colored tick mark inside the box OR on “Show Hidden Files”.

[4] Now go back to the main screen of the File Manager and tap on ‘Device‘. You now see all the folders that are created by different apps on your smartphone. Keep scrolling down and then find on the folder named ‘WhatsApp‘.

How to save WhatsApp Status

“how to Save WhatsApp Status” Photos & Videos Without Screenshot Or any App download for permanently in your smartphone/ Android phone”

[5] Now, Under the WhatsApp folder go to Media > Statuses. The Statuses folder is a hidden folder which generally isn’t visible. But Now showing after change in above Settings.

How to save WhatsApp Status


Well, it’s this .Statuses folder under which you will find all the “WhatsApp Status” photos and videos of your friends.

However, keep in mind that only those photos and videos will appear in this folder that you have already viewed from within WhatsApp. So, Paste them into a different folder.

Save “WhatsApp Status” photo or video on your smartphone/ Android phone, you have select any photo or video, tap on ‘Copy‘, and paste it in folder that’s created in a different location, you will have it on your smartphone/ Android phone after 24 hours from when they were posted by your friend.


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