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Iron deficiency symptoms and treatment

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Iron deficiency symptoms

Suddenly your body becomes sluggish, you feel tired even though you are not doing any heavy work. The skin turns yellow. The hair also becomes dull. Earlier a few hairs were broken but now there is a pile of hair. If you have any such problem then your body is deficient in iron.

Risk of anemia for pregnant women:

Iron deficiency in pregnant women can also lead to premature birth. The baby also weighs less than a normal newborn. At the time of delivery 740 mg of iron is excreted from the body, so the condition worsens. On the other hand, feeding the baby also causes iron deficiency in the mother.

Frequent blood donations can also lead to iron deficiency:

People who donate blood frequently and do not follow a proper diet may be deficient in iron. One and a half milligrams of iron is excreted from the body by donating blood once.

Do not consume tea, coffee, herbal tea and black tea before meals to:

Tea, coffee, herbal tea and black tea contain polyphenols that prevent the body from dissolving iron. When we drink tea and coffee before eating something rich in iron, iron does not dissolve in the blood. Then the body does not get enough iron. Tea and coffee can be taken one hour after the meal.

Cigarette smoking causes many problems:

Smoking significantly reduces the amount of iron in the body. When cigarette smoke enters our body, it prevents iron from dissolving in the blood.

If you have high levels of iron, your liver and heart will be damaged:

Having too much iron in the body is also harmful. When we take extra iron in food it is stored in the body. Gradually this iron begins to accumulate in the liver and heart tissues. Which can even lead to your death.

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If a child does not learn according to age, he may have iron deficiency 

Many parents complain that their child does not learn to read and write according to age. Unable to utter words, the child’s confidence stays down. If this is the case then maybe your child has an iron deficiency. The situation can improve if you pay attention to the diet.

3 Sleep during the day, wake up at night:

Iron deficiency symptoms and treatment

This item is rich in iron:

Spinach: 100 g cooked spinach contains 3.6 mg of iron, which is 20% of daily intake. Spinach is also rich in vitamin C.

Broccoli: One cup of broccoli contains 1 mg of iron. Which is rich in Vitamin C.

Red Meat: 100 grams of red meat contains 2.7 iron, which is 15% of the daily requirement of iron.

Fish: Fish is also rich in iron. Salmon are also rich in calcium.

Beans: Kidney beans, soy beans, black beans are rich in iron.

Milk: Milk seeds are rich in iron. 28 grams of milk seeds are rich in 4.2 mg of iron.

Almonds: Iron-rich, high in calcium does not help.

Dark Chocolate: 28 grams of chocolate is rich in 3.3 mg of iron.