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top 10 real time bus tracking system provider in India ❤️

top 10 real time bus tracking system provider in India

Are you weary of idly hanging out at the bus tracking system. while wondering when your bus will show up? Do you frequently become irritated by the absence of current bus schedules and delays information? If so, you are not by yourself. Similar difficulties are faced by many Indians who commute by bus. But now that technology has advanced, there are real-time bus tracking systems available that can solve these issues and offer a more comfortable and effective commute.

The top 10 real-time bus tracking system suppliers in India will be examined in this article. These businesses have made a name for themselves in the market by providing dependable and cutting-edge services that enable customers to better plan their journeys, keep track of bus positions in real-time, and stay informed about their timetables. Let’s dive in and learn more about your greatest options.

Providers of the top 10 real-time bus tracking systems in India

Track My Bus
Bus India
My bus tickets
Red bus
Where Is My Bus
City Flo

These are only a few instances; other businesses may also provide real-time bus tracking systems in India. Finding the provider who best meets your needs requires investigation and comparison of many options.

gps tracking device with rto approval

In India, it’s crucial to make sure the GPS tracking gadget you use complies with the requirements and standards established by the Regional Transport Office (RTO). These gadgets are mainly used for security and vehicle tracking. I don’t have access to the most recent data, however the following are some renowned GPS tracking device suppliers in India who might sell RTO-approved devices:

Map my India
Vodafone Automotive (Formerly known as Cobra)
Auto cop
Falcon Trackers
Matrix Comsec
Trak N Tell
Escort Trax
Lets track
Navkar Systems
Think Race

Since the approval status may change depending on the particular device type and version, it is essential to conduct research and confirm with the relevant providers if their GPS tracking devices are RTO-approved. Additionally, you may get more precise and current information about RTO-approved GPS tracking devices in India by getting in touch with your neighbourhood RTO or speaking with professionals in the industry.

Indian gps firm list

Sure! The following is a list of GPS providers in India:

Map my India
Garmin India
Trimble Navigation India Pvt Ltd
Matrix Comsec Pvt Ltd
Falcon Trackers
Lets track
Navkar Systems
Think Race Technology
Auto cop India Pvt Ltd
Vodafone Automotive (Formerly known as Cobra)

For a variety of uses, including fleet management, personal tracking, and vehicle monitoring, these businesses offer GPS devices and solutions. It’s crucial to conduct thorough research and contrast various businesses to pick the one that best meets your unique needs.

service for GPS tracking

Many businesses and organisations provide GPS tracking services to track the current location of people, assets, or vehicles. These services use GPS technology to deliver precise and current location data. Here are a few well-known companies offering GPS tracking services:

Map my India
Track My Fleet
Trak N Tell
Lets track
Falcon Trackers
GPS Insight
Verizon Connect

These businesses provide all-inclusive GPS tracking solutions that frequently incorporate attributes including real-time tracking, geofencing, route playback in the past, alerts, and reporting. To make sure the GPS tracking service you choose will match your demands, take into account details like the precise tracking requirements, pricing, customer support, and user reviews.

track-transported object

You can use a variety of techniques and technology, such as GPS tracking devices, to follow a transport truck. Here are some common guidelines for tracking a cargo vehicle:

GPS tracking:

Fit the car with a GPS tracking device. These gadgets locate the car using GPS technology, then send that information to a centralised server.

Select a GPS tracking service:

Join a service offered by organisations like Map my India, Track My Fleet, or Lets track. Through their websites or mobile applications, these services enable you to keep track of the current location of your vehicle.

Log in with your credentials to the tracking platform to access the GPS tracking service. You will have the resources you need to track and keep an eye on your transport vehicle thanks to this platform.

Real-Time Tracking:

As soon as you log in to the tracking platform, you should be able to see a map showing the current location of your transport truck. Normally, you can view details like your current location, speed, & heading.


A lot of tracking services have this feature available. Create geofences or virtual borders around certain places. You may get messages or warnings if the vehicle enters or leaves specified boundaries.

Access to past data and reports is frequently made available by GPS tracking providers. Reviewing previous routes, stops, and other pertinent data for your transport vehicle is possible.

Keep in mind that depending on the GPS tracking provider you select, the particular stages and features may change. To make sure you know how to track your transport vehicle properly, it is advised to review the user manual or documentation offered by the service provider.

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A real-time bus tracking system: what is it?

Using GPS & other tracking technologies, a real-time bus tracking system enables users to follow the movement, location, & arrival time of buses in real-time.

Which ten Indian companies offer real-time bus tracking systems?

As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, the top 10 real-time bus tracking system suppliers in India are:
a. TrackMyBus
b. Trazeal
c. Live Bus Tracker
d. Where is My Bus
e. Vehicle Tracking System (VTS)
f. Bus India
g. Bus Train Auto Time
h. Redbus
i. Ridlr
j. MoveInSync
It should be noted that the rankings and availability of these providers are subject to change over time, so you should conduct your own research to find the most recent data.

What characteristics should I look for in a real-time bus tracking system?

Real-time bus tracking systems frequently include the following features:
Live bus tracking on a map.
Bus arrival time predictions at particular stops.
updates and alerts about delays or modifications to bus timetables.
Information on the route, including distances and bus stops.
Analytics and historical data for performance analysis.
Web interfaces and mobile applications for easy access.

Real-time bus tracking systems: how do they operate?

GPS technology installed on buses is used by real-time bus tracking systems to track their precise location. This data is sent to a central server, processed there, and then made accessible to consumers via mobile apps or web interfaces.

Can my smartphone obtain real-time bus tracking data?

Yes, the majority of real-time bus tracking systems offer specific iOS and Android mobile apps. These apps give customers mobile access to features like bus tracking, schedule checking, alarms, and other functions.

Additional FAQs

Are these real-time bus tracking systems accessible throughout all of India’s cities?

Real-time bus tracking systems may not be accessible in every city. While some service providers concentrate on certain areas or cities, others provide services on a larger scale. In order to find out whether a service is a offered in your area, it is a advisable to contact the relevant suppliers or local transportation agencies.

Does using a real-time bus tracking system require an internet connection?

Yes, accessing real-time bus tracking data often requires an internet connection. This can be done using to a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection.

Is it free to utilise these real-time bus tracking systems?

Different service providers have different real-time bus tracking system offerings and price structures. While some might charge for advanced features or premium plans, others might offer free access to basic services. The best place to find out about prices and plans is to contact the specific suppliers.

Can I offer suggestions or report problems using these tracking systems?

Many real-time bus tracking programmes contain built-in tools for giving comments, reporting problems, or making suggestions for enhancements. These can include in-app comment sections, customer service options, or social networking platform integration.

Real-time bus tracking systems: How precise are they?

A number of variables, including the strength of the GPS signals, the frequency of updates, and the overall dependability of the technology being utilised, affect how accurate real-time bus monitoring systems are. Although every effort is taken to assure accurate tracking, there may occasionally be inconsistencies or delays because of technological issues or unanticipated events.


Please be aware that since my knowledge-cutoff date of September 2021, the bus tracking system suppliers may have changed or new providers may have entered the market. To find out the most recent details on Indian real-time bus tracking system suppliers, it is necessary to do more study.

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