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top 10 weather checking app in India ❤️


top 10 weather checking app in India




In our daily lives, weather checking app in India has to a big impact on our activities, travel plans, & even our moods. Having access to trustworthy weather information is essential due to the unpredictable nature of weather conditions. There are many weather-checking apps available today that offer forecasts, real-time updates, & other useful functions. In order to keep you prepared for whatever the weather has in store for you, this post will examine the top 10 weather checking apps in India.

Download free versions of the top ten Indian weather apps.


Reliable hourly updates, radar maps, and alerts for severe weather.
The Weather Channel offers personalised forecasts, radar maps, and real-time weather updates.
Hyper-local weather forecasts, interactive radar maps, and storm tracking are all provided by Weather Underground.


Yahoo Weather:

A beautifully made weather app with comprehensive predictions, radar maps, and widgets.

Weather Live:

Offers hourly predictions, interactive weather maps, and real-time weather updates.
Radar maps, thorough weather predictions, and severe weather alerts are all available with WeatherBug.

Weather & Radar:

Offers detailed weather data, radar maps, and forecasts for precipitation.
Real-time weather updates, hourly predictions, and radar maps are provided by WeatherBug.
Hourly updates, precise forecasts, and interactive radar maps are all available through Google Weather.

Weather forecast:

Offers radar maps, detailed forecasts, and widget option.

India’s top 5 weather apps

The Weather Channel’s weather app offers precise weather predictions, hourly updates, & radar maps designed just for Indian cities & towns. Additionally, it features a user-friendly design & severe weather alerts.


AccuWeather is famous for providing accurate weather predictions. It provides radar maps, hourly and 15-day predictions, as well as current weather information. It covers different parts of India & offers thorough data on things like temperature, humidity, wind speed, & more.

Hyper-local weather forecasts are provided for Indian cities & towns by Weather Underground. Temperature, wind direction, wind speed, humidity, & precipitation are all given in great detail. Radar maps & severe weather notifications are also included in the app.

The Weather Channel:

For areas around India, the Weather Channel app provides precise weather forecasts, hourly updates, and radar maps. It offers data on temperature, humidity, wind speed, and other things. Additionally, the app provides location-based personalised weather updates.

Weather by WeatherBug:

For Indian cities and towns, WeatherBug offers hourly forecasts, radar maps, and real-time weather updates. It has features like pollen forecasts, air quality indices, and lightning notifications. A user-friendly design and customisable widgets are other features of the programme.

Quora’s top weather app for India

It’s vital to keep in mind that individual users’ preferences may differ when deciding which weather app is the “best” for India on Quora. However, the following popular Indian weather apps have received good ratings on Quora:

AccuWeather is a well-liked weather app that offers precise forecasts, hourly updates, and radar maps for places throughout India. It provides customisable notifications and comprehensive weather information.

The Weather Channel:

This app is well-known for providing accurate weather forecasts and radar maps. It offers hourly predictions, severe weather alerts, and real-time weather updates for Indian cities and villages.

Hyper-local weather forecasts and interactive radar maps are highly regarded features of Weather Underground. It  offers detailed weather information, including temperature, humidity, wind speed, and more for locations across India.

Yahoo Weather:

The user-friendly interface & aesthetically pleasing design of the Yahoo Weather app have made it popular. It provides data on temperature, wind speed, & humidity as well as reliable weather forecasts & radar maps.

Google Weather:

Due to its clarity & accuracy, the Google Weather app is frequently suggested. For places in India, it offers hourly predictions, interactive radar maps, & real-time weather updates.

Please be aware that as these suggestions are based on Quora user opinions, personal preferences may vary. It’s a good idea to test out a few apps before selecting the one that best fits your requirements & tastes.

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Which are India’s top ten weather-checking apps?

A: AccuWeather, The Weather Channel, Weather Underground, Yahoo Weather, Weather Live, WeatherBug, Weather & Radar, Weather by WeatherBug, Google Weather, and Weather Forecast are among the top 10 weather-checking applications in India.

Are these weather apps free to download?

A: Depending on your device, you may download either of these weather applications for free from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Can I rely on these applications to provide reliable weather forecasts?

A: Indeed, these applications are renowned for offering precise weather forecasts based on dependable information sources.

These weather applications provide hourly updates, right?

A: Yes, the majority of these applications offer hourly weather updates to keep you updated on the day’s shifting weather conditions.

Do these applications offer alerts for extreme weather?

A: Yes, a lot of these weather apps provide severe weather warnings to let you know when potentially hazardous weather conditions are occurring in your area.

Can I use these applications to view radar maps?

A number of these weather applications do really offer radar maps. They make it possible to see weather patterns and follow storms.

Do these applications offer data on humidity and temperature?

A: These weather applications do provide comprehensive data on temperature, humidity, wind speed, and other important weather factors.

Additional FAQs

Can I customise how these applications update the weather?

A few of these applications do let you tailor the weather updates based on your preferences and location.

Are these weather apps easy to use?

A: These apps are made with user-friendly UI and simple navigation in mind.

Do these apps support numerous Indian locations?

A: You can get weather forecasts for numerous locations with these weather apps because they cover a variety of Indian cities and towns.

Do these weather applications work on both iOS and Android devices?

A: Yes, both Android and iOS smartphones can use all of these apps.

Can these apps send me notifications about weather changes?

A: The majority of these weather applications do have customisable notification options to keep you informed of changes in the weather.

Do these applications offer historical weather information?

A: While some applications might only offer a little amount of historical weather information, their main objective is to present current and upcoming weather forecasts.

Are these weather applications available offline?

A: To access the most recent weather information, the majority of these apps need an internet connection. Some applications, though, might include a few restricted offline features.

Are these weather apps trustworthy?

A lot of people in India have accepted and trusted these weather applications for their dependability in providing reliable weather information.


The top 10 weather checking apps in India include a variety of functions and precise weather data. These apps include Google Weather, Yahoo Weather, Weather Live, WeatherBug, Weather & Radar, AccuWeather, The Weather Channel, Weather Underground, and Weather Forecast. They include hourly predictions, radar maps, real-time weather updates, and even severe weather alerts. These applications meet the various weather needs of users throughout various Indian cities and towns because to their user-friendly interfaces and customizable possibilities. These top weather applications can provide you with extensive forecasts, interactive maps, or warnings of changing weather conditions. To pick the one that best satisfies your preferences and needs, it is advised to investigate their characteristics and read customer evaluations.

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