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What are the best credit cards for students in India? ❤


According to me,Credit cards💳 offer convenience, build credit history, and provide opportunities for rewards and benefits. However, it’s essential to select a credit card that caters to the specific needs and financial capabilities of students. In this guide, we will explore some of the best credit cards available for students in India.


5 Best Credit Cards for Cash Back Rewards 2023

Credit card is easily available

HDFC MoneyBack Credit Card💳 is one of the best credit cards for beginners that offers good reward points on your online transactions. The card comes with a low annual fee and is easily accessible for you if you have started earning recently.


Get credit card in 1 day

Yes, some of the credit card💳 providers offer secured instant credit cards. You can use them normally just like any other instant credit card, the only difference is that they are offered against a fixed deposit.

Student Credit Cards

College students pursuing their degrees in educational institutions of India can avail of student credit cards💳 specifically designed to cater to their requirements. These student credit cards can be availed of by any student who has reached the age of 18. The applicants for the student credit card are not required to produce any income proof to apply for the same. Generally, these cards are valid for up to five years, and the banks also offer lower interest rates owing to the target audience.

Best credit cards for students

Credit Card Annual Fee Feature Offered
SBI Student Plus Advantage Credit Card Rs 500 The credit card holder can utilize the reward points. One can earn one reward point over every transaction of Rs 100.
ICICI Bank Student Forex Card Rs 199 20% Discount on courier service. And a 40% excess baggage discount.
Kotak 811 #Dream Different Credit Card Nil Avail of Credit Limit of up to 90% on the fixed deposit amount
ICICI Coral Contactless Credit Card Rs 500 Can earn 2 reward points on every Rs 100 spent


SBI Student Plus Advantage Card

The SBI Student Plus Advantage card can be availed by Indian students who have taken an education loan from the SBI. Individuals who maintain an SBI FD account with the bank can also apply for this card💳. This card offers the following features to the students.

  • Earn one reward point on every Rs 100 spent by the cardholder.
  • Fuel Surcharge Waiver of Rs 2.5% applicable on petrol pumps spread all over the country.

ICICI Bank Student Forex Card

The ICICI Bank student forex card💳 can be employed for students in India, where they can apply for this prepaid instrument. This financial institution levies a joining fee of Rs 499 and an annual fee of Rs 199 from the applicants. One can avail of the following features and benefits:

  • Discounts on excess baggage and DHL Courier services.
  • Obtain the International Student Identity Card Membership of Rs 590.

Kotak 811 Dream Different Credit Card

The Kotak Mahindra Bank offers student credit cards💳 to cater to their credit needs. Credit card holders with Kotak Mahindra Bank can avail of the following benefits and features.

  • Avail a welcome bonus of 500 reward points on purchases worth Rs 5,000.
  • Withdrawal limit of up to 90% on credit. 

ICICI Coral Contactless Card

The ICICI coral credit card💳 allows students in India to facilitate cashless transactions and avail of the following benefits and features:

  • Receive 2% payback points on every Rs 100 spent.
  • 1% payback point on the utilities and insurance for every Rs 100 spent.

What are the best credit cards for students in India? Watching this video

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Where can students in India get the greatest credit cards for their needs?

The credit cards that are the most beneficial for students to have in India come from a variety of financial institutions. These institutions include the State Bank of India (SBI), HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank,and Axis Bank, among others.

When shopping for a student credit card, what characteristics should I prioritize?

Your best bet is to shop around for a credit card that meets all of the following criteria: cheap or no annual fees; low interest rates; rewards or cashback programs; online payment alternatives; and secure usage.

If you have a student credit card, do you get any perkor prizesfor using it?

A large number of student credit cards do, in fact, come with incentives and perks, such as cashback on certain spending categories, discounts on dining out and shopping, and special deals.

When applying for a student credit card, what is the minimumage criteria that must be met?

Although the minimum age requirement can differ from one financial institution to the next, moststudent credit cards are open to applicants who are at least 18 years old.

Additional FAQs of What are the best credit cards for students in India

Does the maximum credit limit on student credit card tend to be lower?

The short answer is that student credit cards do, in fact, typically have smaller credit limits compared to ordinary credit cards. This is because student credit cards are meant to match the income and financial capabilities of students.

When building a credit history, can student credit cards be helpful?

The answer is that students who use their cards properly and make payments on time can help develop a favorable credit history, which can be useful for future credit applications. This can be accomplished byusing their cards.

Are there any possibilities for Equated Monthly Installment Payments (EMI) with student credit cards?

A number of student credit cards provide EMI alternatives for larger purchases, which enables students to pay for their purchases in installments at interest rates that are often cheaper.

Can students apply for credit cards on their own or do they need a cosigner?

If a student can verify that they have sufficient income or provide a set deposit as collateral, they may beeligible to apply for a credit card on their own without the need for a co-signer in certain circumstances.

Additional FAQs of What are the best credit cards for students in India

Can students submit their credit card applications online?

A lot of financial institutions do really make it possible to submit an application for a credit card throughthe use of their official websites or mobile applications.

When applying for a student credit card, what kinds of documentation are expected from applicants?

If necessary, the needed documents may include proof of identity, proof of address, proof of enrolment in an educational institution, and, if relevant, proof of income.

Can international students in India apply for student credit cards?

The answer is yes; some banks may make it possible for international students attending school inIndia to apply for student credit cards, but there are some qualifying requirements that must be met.

Are there any credit cards that offer discounts on educational expenses?

Yes, depending on the credit card, you can be eligible for savings or points on educational expenses like registration fees or online classes.It is in your best interest to familiarize yourself with the particular terms and conditions of each card.


There several credit cards💳 available in India specifically designed for students. These cards offer features and benefits tailored to the unique needs and financial situations of students. When selecting a credit card for students, it’s important to consider factors such as low or no annual fees, favorable interest rates, rewards programs, and online payment options.

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